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Together against corruption!

The best works of Russian participants in the International Youth Contest of Social Anti-Corruption Advertising "Together Against Corruption!" "Anti-corruption" organized by the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation:


1. Smirnova Ekaterina, 33 years old, Cheboksary, Chuvashia

2. Zholnin Roman, 17 years old, Nizhny Novgorod

3. Shiryaeva Julia, 32 years old, Belgorod

4. Pyankova Alexandra, 19 years old, Novosibirsk

5. Boku Victoria, 22 years old, Kholmsk, Sakhalin Region

6. Kostina Elizaveta, 23 years old, Belgorod

7. Lavrinenko Angelina, 22 years old, Belgorod

8. Parfenova Marina, 30 years old, Chistopol, Tatarstan


1. Isakov Alexei 19 years old Moscow

2. Gevorgyan Arthur 17 years old . Yeisk Krasnodar Territory

3. Tatyana Shirokova 16 years old .Ufa Bashkortostan

4. Vlad Tovst 18 years Belgorod

5. Mullina Liana 18 years old .Leninogorsk Tatarstan

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Recording to doctors is carried out:

Through the Services and Services section on mos.ru

By calling the single center 8 (495) 539-30-00 (around the clock);

Through information rooms or the registry, during the hours of the clinic More..