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[07.07.2019 022 

I express gratitude to our pediatrician Chapal T.A. The doctor is not only competent, extremely attentive, trying to choose the most gentle, but at the same time effective route of treatment, but most importantly, she is sincerely interested in providing the highest quality medical care. The doctor will always pay attention to those features in the baby’s health that may not be obvious to the parent at first glance. Thanks to the doctor for her kind attitude to both the child and the adult) my sons love her very much!

[07.07.2019 022 

Very dissatisfied with the work of the otolaryngologist Toktorbaeva A.K. He prescribes treatment, from which the child’s condition does not improve, as well as in unreasonably increased doses, he answers the questions nervously and incompetently, delays reception, but does not accept if he is delayed for a couple of minutes, aggressively communicates with small patients. I have to go for other treatment with other doctors.

ANSWER: Thank you for your feedback, please indicate the date and time of reception, so that we can understand this situation.


I want to express my deep gratitude to the doctor pulmonologist Mukhamadieva Lyudmila Valerevna. Responsive and competent specialist. You need to look for such doctors. It is unfortunate that the doctor will not continue to work in this clinic.

[01.07.2019 022 

We want to express our deep gratitude to our local doctor Pavlova Elena Sergeevna!
These doctors do not become, they are only born. Treats our children as their own. At the reception, he is always interested in the general condition, very attentive during the examination. Always friendly, she will answer all your questions without reproach in the mode "you are the mother you must know."
When prescribing medications, he always looks to the future. I never prescribed antibiotics without tests. We are happy to see such a Doctor with a capital letter.
During our acquaintance with her, my whole family became a friend.
Thank you very much! Only to you with each “snot”.


I want to express my deep gratitude to the medical procedure nurse_ Anna! П_ка 94.ф.3
Thank you! For your smile, professionalism!

[19.05.2019 022 

Many thanks to Terentyev Maxim Sergeyevich for responsibility and respect for patients!


I would like to express my gratitude to our doctor Fedotova Yulia Viktorovna for her unlimited experience in work. A year ago, my child fell ill with diabetes. As a mother, I was completely lost in this world, not knowing how to live on, and it was this doctor who inspired me and gave me confidence in our new life. Thank you very much.


I want to express my gratitude to the brightest, attentive and simply Professional with a capital letter - the pediatrician of the Branch 3 Terentyev Maxim Sergeyevich. Thank you for being always ready to help, always attentive and maintaining professionalism in any circumstances.

[05.08.2019 022 

I want to thank the pediatrician Sabennikova Olga Alekseyevna, Laura Sazonova for the warm attitude .. Your discouragement too ... Psychologist Fedrova I.I. I even want to answer, while saying "it's not normal" to write some kind of "diagnoses" !!


I want to express my gratitude to the Doctor with a capital letter Terentyev Maxim Sergeyevich. This person is ready at any time to come to the aid of his patients. I wish Maxim Sergeyevich health, prosperity and always remain so responsive to people. Thank you very much for your work!


Hello! I want to thank the excellent pediatrician Maxim Sergeyevich Terentyev. Ego high-level professionalism revives faith in the physicians of district clinics. This is a HUMAN that finds an individual approach to each. To me, as a panic mom, he explained everything, clarified, wrote, so as not to forget, singled out the main thing, picked up the medicines "afford" !!! Thank you very much that you are! I bow to you !!!


Hello! I want to thank Terentyev Maxim Sergeevich! He really helped in the treatment of my child, put us on our feet! Saved from the disease! We are now healthy) and are very grateful to him! Thanks !!!


I want to express my gratitude to the pediatrician of the branch 3 Terentyev Maxim Sergeyevich for professionalism, responsiveness, help and understanding. THANKS A LOT. Thanks to such doctors, faith in medicine is returning.


04/23/2019 visited the clinic on the street. General Karbyshev. I wanted to make an appointment with the doctor on duty, I asked the medical worker to help, they also stand next to the terminals to help sign up for the doctor, but she was ignored, asked for help a second time, to which she received an answer that there is a button on the doctor’s duty, sort it out yourself.
I want to wish medical staff to be more responsive!


Good afternoon!
I ask the polyclinic administration to familiarize the staff who are responsible for delivering children's cards to the doctor’s office with their official duties. I come for the second time to see a doctor, but there is no our card. I had to look for a map myself. An employee of the clinic made a record in the lobby near the counter, but we did not wait for the card. But I was given a lecture that cards on hand are not issued. The child took a blood test. They wanted to get the result. Left home with nothing.


I would like to leave a review about the neurologist Evenko. Branch number 3 on Karbyshev. How many I go to the clinic with children, and even without them I came across this for the first time. Came with two children, one of whom is one year old. Due to the fact that she took the older one from classes at the reception, they were late. Their Majesty refused to accept us. She had no one before or after her people. Each time at the reception behaves like a star of universal scale. Young, no experience, knowledge, too, some ambition. God forbid once again to get to her.


I want to express my deep gratitude to the masseuse Nadezhda Arapova. I have twins and massage is not a simple matter, since I have to come with two at once. Hope makes the massage very professional. The children lie calmly. Do not crawl out. Do not shout. We have already done two courses with Nadezhda and at the end of each, the massage result is immediately visible. The first time the kids began to crawl. The second time already walk. In general, I am very satisfied. Thanks !!!


I am very glad that we have such a specialist in the clinic, Maxim Terentyev, a specialist with a capital letter. He loves children and children love him. I was lucky enough to encounter him when my son was found to have serious health problems. Maxim Sergeyevich helped us a lot, I am very grateful to him for this. This is a doctor you can trust! There would be more such specialists, but there are so few of them. Terentyev M.S. You can trust the health of your children.


I would like to mention Margarita Mikhailovna Bazarova and Elena Vasilievna Bykova. Two best specialists. They repeatedly helped me out with useful tips and for all sorts of diseases of children, and we prevented this in time! Communication with children and parents is excellent. I am extremely grateful to these highly qualified specialists.


I express my gratitude to the administrator on duty, who advised by phone on the issue of receiving the parent "sick" to care for a healthy child in case of quarantine in the educational organization. It will be great if the employees on the information phone are introduced to the norms of the legislation of the Russian Federation, in particular, Federal Law of December 29, 2006 No. 255-FZ as amended. dated 12/27/2018 and Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of 06/29/2011 N 624н.


To whom can you trust your child? They say that the child closest person is his mother. I’m the mother of three wonderful children. But of course I can’t know everything, and mother’s kiss, unfortunately, will not cure the child. So I made the right choice in this direction - I found the best doctor. For almost 11 years of her motherhood, she has seen many pediatricians in various clinics (including departmental ones). But about 6 years ago, when the eldest daughter was seriously ill for a long time, we were referred to a young doctor. And to the surprise of my mother-in-law, and she is a doctor, the doctor raised her daughter to her feet in just three days. Every month and year she was only convinced that this was a Doctor from God. Why did I have such a conviction ?! 1. He treats efficiently and quickly (hears and sees the child, does not prescribe unnecessary medications, while the treatment is not delayed). 2. Finds a common language with any child (and it doesn’t matter what character the baby has, well-being). 3. Always ready to help. Always, it always means! A day off, holiday, vacation, the work day has ended or has not started. Is always. 4. Bad mood? it's not about our pediatrician. It was never such that he met children in a gloomy mood. Children literally feel the energy of their doctor and they feel better. 5. And even now, when oursThe doctor (with a capital letter) became the head of the pediatric department, never forgets his little patients (it seems that he knows all their cards by heart), and ALWAYS! ALWAYS ready to help !!
I just want to say THANKS !!! THANKS to Terentyev Maxim Sergeyevich that we have it !!


Was today (03/29/19) at the doctor’s appointment Macharadze. A few years ago, she was treating my first child. Therefore, I signed up with her and her second child. And she was shocked how the doctor changed for the worse. I complained with the complaint (at the request of the gastroenterologist) and was not resolved. The doctor behaved inappropriately, this was the impression. I answered her the same question
. She expressed angry words in the direction of another doctor (Ph.D. from NIKI Pediatrics), from whom I provided her with an extract about the diagnosis of bronchial asthma with an allergic component (established in February this year). Help for the child has not been provided. Although he is disabled.


The most wonderful doctor whom I met with my two children is Victoria Lazaryan Samvelovna! Of all the doctors, the wisest and most attentive! Thank you very much !!!


I would like to thank the allergist-immunologist Ratnikova Lyudmila Vitalievna. A very qualified specialist, and most importantly a sympathetic and caring person. Thank you!


The local doctor Shamsutdinova Zukhra Salavatovna is not competent, they called me home for suspected bronchitis, prescribed miramistin, nazivin drops and inhalations. The doctor was sincerely surprised that at a temperature it is contraindicated to do this. despite the fact that the doctor saw that the child had plaque in his mouth and a strong cough. In the future, the virus in the child went to complications in the form of cannucevitis. We ourselves came to her appointment when conjunctivitis appeared, they just listened to the child and looked at the mouth of a 5-month-old baby shining their throats with their phone, I was very surprised. They wrote out eye drops and protorgol, despite the fact that the child has a very strong cough. After 1.5 weeks, they came back for a child’s stomatitis treatment, and they told me that it was better to wash the bottles (although we still sterilize them). They asked the question why the child was not weighed and measured for a long time? Is it amazing that she didn’t do this at the first appointment? And what qualification of a pediatrician doctor does this mean ???


I would like to express my deep gratitude to E.Yu. Ogurtsov, despite her youth, she is very good at managing her duties. Quickly issued all the numerous certificates for treatment in the sanatorium.


Good afternoon! My daughter is a patient in a children's clinic GBUZ DGP 94 DZM branch number 1! I want to express my deep gratitude to all the medical staff, our district therapist Bazarova Mukrama Mamatkulovna and nurse Elena Vasilievna! Mukarama Mamatkulovna is a wonderful doctor, always kindly and with a smile meets my child for an appointment, whether this appointment at the clinic or a call to the house, she is always clearly and accurately diagnosed, treatment is prescribed, she always helps with practical advice and moral support! Elena Vasilievna is always good-natured, attentive, efficient, whether filling out papers or interacting with a child (height, weight, or chatting with a child for a moment)! Whatever doctor we are referred to, we can say about the entire staff that the clinic employs true professionals in their field! Working with children is a special work and only special people can serve as a doctor! In this clinic just such people work! The polyclinic itself is children's: everywhere is cleaned and always clean, a very comfortable environment for children and parents! Thank you for your work and work!

[01.01.2019 022

I want to say a big thank you to LOR Sazonova N.N. and neurologist Kozhokhar T.V. for attentiveness, professionalism and a wonderful attitude to children! It’s nice to come to such doctors: they will help and calm and explain everything

[01/24/2019] Anonymous

I beg you to take measures to Zorina Nina Ivanovna. There is no strength to go to her, endure her anger, constant discontent, rudeness! I would love to leave her, but just this lady is engaged in registration of disability for children! I ask you to take action, next time I’ll write it down and lay out its treatment of people. I also want to note her lack of competence in work, a child who has many problems (disabled person) including an orthopedic and traumatologist, without examining the child, said that everything was in order. ???????????????? I gave recommendations on a piece of paper.


We are grateful to LOR Sozonova Natalia Nikolaevna! We ask management to encourage this doctor. 

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