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Paid services

Children's Clinic No. 94 provides patients with paid medical services in addition to the State Guarantee Program for the free provision of medical care to citizens and the Territorial State Guarantee Program for free medical care in the following cases:

• when providing medical services anonymously;

• at the request of the consumer;

• citizens of foreign states, stateless persons, with the exception of persons insured under compulsory medical insurance, and citizens of the Russian Federation who do not reside permanently in its territory and who are not insured under compulsory medical insurance, unless otherwise provided by international agreements Russian Federation.

• when applying independently for medical services, with the exception of cases and the procedure provided for in Art. 21 - Federal Law of November 21, 2011 “On the Basics of Protecting the Health of Citizens in the Russian Federation”, and in cases of emergency, including emergency, specialized medical care and medical care provided in emergency or emergency form;

Paid services are provided by the clinic in order to better meet the needs of the population in medical and medical and social assistance, while not compromising the availability, quality and volume of medical services provided under the Program, Territorial program of state guarantees of free medical care to the population of Moscow .

Paid medical services are provided in accordance with the License for medical activities

Document confirming the fact of entering information about the legal entity in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

Paid medical services are provided with preliminary paperwork for the provision of paid medical services according to a list agreed upon with the Moscow Department of Health ( legislation ).

Regulation on the procedure for the return of funds for unpaid paid services

Regulations on the procedure and conditions for the provision of paid services to the population

Paid service agreement

Price list of medical services GBUZ "DGP No. 94 DZM"

Paid services in GBUZ "DGP No. 94 DZM" are provided:

Monday-Friday - from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Saturday - from 9.00 to 15.00 (by appointment)

Telephone numbers for inquiries:

(967) 012-93-27 duty administrator of paid services


To draw up a contract for the provision of PAID SERVICES, the legal representative of the child must present a passport and birth certificate of the child.

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Recording to doctors is carried out:

Through the Services and Services section on mos.ru

By calling the single center 8 (495) 539-30-00 (around the clock);

Through information rooms or the registry, during the hours of the clinic More..