Unified medical information service of the city of Moscow

Hot line
8 (495) 491-35-60

Urgent Care 103

Indicators of accessibility and quality of care

Health Care Availability Indicators:


Due Date

Schedule consultant ative reception by a specialist and in BWW

1-3 days

Routine functional diagnostics studies

1-2 days

Routine radiological examinations

No more than 1 day

Routine Ultrasound Examination

1-3 days

Quality of care indicators:

Satisfaction of the population with medical care (% of the number of respondents)


License Availability


Provision of medical personnel (% staffing ty)


Provision of nursing staff


Doctors have certificates (%)


Make an appointment

Recording to doctors is carried out:

Through the Services and Services section on mos.ru

By calling the single center 8 (495) 539-30-00 (around the clock);

Through information rooms or the registry, during the hours of the clinic More..