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The internal regulations of GBUZ "DGP No. 94 DZM"

1. General Provisions

1.1. The internal regulations of the GBUZ "DGP No. 94 DZM" (hereinafter - the "institution"), including of its branches for patients (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”) are an organizational and equal document regulating, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of healthcare, the behavior of the patient (his representative) while he is in the institution, as well as other issues arising between the participants in the legal relationship - the patient (his representative) and the institution.

1.2. These Rules are binding on staff, patients, patient representatives, as well as other persons contacting the institution or its structural unit, designed to implement the rights of the patient provided for by the legislation m, to create the most favorable the ability to provide the patient with timely medical care of the appropriate volume and quality.

1.3. In the premises of the institution and its structural divisions it is forbidden: being in outer clothing, without shoes (or shoe covers); smoking in the buildings and premises of the institution; drinking alcohol; the use of narcotic drugs, psychotropic and toxic substances; the appearance in a state of alcoholic, narcotic and toxic intoxication, with the exception of the need for emergency and emergency medical care; photo and video shooting, use of mobile phones during the reception without the consent of the head doctor of the institution; use of office phones.

1.4. When applying for medical care to an institution, structural units, the patient must: observe the internal routine of the institution, silence, cleanliness and order; comply with fire safety requirements. If sources of fire or other sources that threaten public safety are discovered, the patient should immediately notify on-duty personnel; strictly comply with the requirements and instructions of the attending physician; follow the diet recommended by your doctor; cooperate with the attending physician at all stages of the provision of medical care; fill out in the prescribed manner your refusal to receive information about the state of health against your will, consent/refusal of medical intervention or its termination, consent/refusal to perform invasive procedures, consent/refusal to hospitalization and other types of consent/refusal established by the legislation m RF; respect the medical staff, show a friendly and: polite attitude to other patients; take care of the property of the institution and other patients.

1.5. In the order established by the legislation m of the Russian Federation, insured patients in the event of temporary disability ty are issued a certificate of incapacity for work ty. Other categories of citizens are issued properly issued certificates of the established form.

1.6. Violation is considered: rude or disrespectful attitude to staff and other patients; non-compliance with these rules; a single failure to appear or untimely appearance at the doctor’s office or at the procedure; non-compliance with the requirements and recommendations of a doctor; taking medications at one’s own discretion or at the discretion of the patient’s representatives or relatives: a single unauthorized leave of the institution until the completion of the course of treatment; simultaneous treatment in another institution, without the knowledge and permission of the attending physician; refusal of referral or untimely appearance at the medical commission.

2. Features of the internal routine of the institution in the provision of outpatient poly clinical medical care

2.1. In order to provide timely medical care of the appropriate volume and quality, citizens in the prescribed manner are attached to the corresponding outpatient-poly clinical structural unit of the institution.

2.2. In the outpatient poly clinical units, patients are provided with primary health care and specialized help on a territorial basis directly in the institution.

2.3. If it is necessary to provide outpatient poly clinical care, the patient goes to the reception of the outpatient poly clinical unit, which ensures registration of patients for appointment with the doctor. A preliminary appointment with a doctor is carried out by direct contact with the patient, by phone or through the portal of public services. At the initial treatment, a medical record of an outpatient is made for the patient in the registry.

2.4. Information about the time of appointment of doctors of all specialties with the hours of appointment and numbers of rooms, as well as the procedure for pre-registration for an appointment with doctors, the time and place of appointment of the population by the head physician and his deputies, the address of the institution, hospitals providing emergency assistance during the day, the patient can receive in the registry orally and visually - at information stands located in the premises of the Institution. Reception by doctors is carried out according to coupons of the established form, indicating the name of the doctor, queue number, cabinet number and time of appearance to the doctor. Directions for medical procedures are issued by the attending physician.

2.5. Referral to a consultation at level 3 institutions is carried out by the attending physician, specialist physician after a preliminary examination and with justification (there is no specialist in the AC, the need for treatment correction, the lack of effect of the treatment and others).

2.6. Referral to the hospitalization of patients requiring planned inpatient treatment is carried out by the attending physician after a preliminary examination.

2.7. In case of outpatient treatment (examination), the patient, in particular, must: come to the doctor on appointment days and hours; comply with the medical protection ln regimen prescribed by the attending physician.

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