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Caution measles!

Measles - b the grass is very contagious, it can get infected

people of any age who have not been vaccinated.

Children are most susceptible to measles.

When exposed to measles, the incidence is

is 100% .

Measles has < span style="color: # ff0000;"> serious complications


pneumonia and laryngeal stenosis .

The patient may experience

encephalitis or meningoencephalitis ,

that is often the reason

death of a measles patient.

Vaccinations against CORI - the main prevention of the disease !

As an exampleMeasles Prevention introduced

routine vaccination - at 12 months (1 year) and at 6 years old.

Dear Parents!

You can instill your child in the children's clinic

and in the medical office of the educational institution.

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