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Muscovites got access to their medical records on mos.ru

Since January 14, the electronic medical card (EMC) is available not only to doctors working in the EMIAS system, but also to patients. This was stated by Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development Anastasia Rakova.

Opening access to the electronic map in test mode will allow patients to quickly receive relevant information about their health and the health of their children. In the map, citizens will be able to see:

protocols of examinations of doctors in the clinic, starting in 2017, that is - information about patient complaints, medical history, examination results, diagnosis, treatment recommendations;
the results of laboratory studies (analyzes) conducted since 2019;
radiological findings (CT, MRI, mammography, fluorography) starting in 2019;
the results of other instrumental studies (such as endoscopy, ECG), conducted since 2020;
discharge from hospitals starting in 2019, which includes information about when the patient was in the hospital, what studies were conducted, specialist consultations, what treatment was provided, and what recommendations were given.
You can apply for access to a personal electronic card and a card of your children under the age of 15 years in your personal account on mos.ru portal from January 14. The term for providing access is no more than 5 working days.

“The digitalization process covers more and more areas of human life. Especially city dwellers. And therefore, we are working to ensure that healthcare, not lagging behind, is included in this global process. Today we have a completely different consumer of medical services. This is a more active consumer, he wants to know more about his health, he wants to be aware. That is, now people want to not only know about their health, they want to be participants in the process and together with doctors discuss the course of treatment and prescription.

Moscow has long been engaged in the digitalization of healthcare. A huge amount of work has been done, which already allows most of the medical information, documentation that is generated in the clinic, to be in digital form. Moreover, we introduce a unified information system in hospitals as well. In the next few years, this system will be completed. At the same time, without waiting for us to fully bring all hospitals into a single digital format, in 2019 we made a decision, despite the fact that not all hospitals work in the same software, to form a statement of epicrisis, which will be stored in a single digital form in electronic medical record.

Today we have a huge amount of information. These are 100 million protocols for examining doctors in the clinic, 45 million written prescription benefits, 25 million test results, 2.5 million written out epicrisis from hospitals. We believe that this information is enough to open a unified electronic medical record for patients so that people can use this information. All information that will be collected, and all medical services that will be provided to the person in the future, will automatically be stored digitally from 2020, ”commented Anastasia Rakova.

Thanks to the electronic medical record, the patient’s medical history is available to the doctor in real time, and it takes much less time to fill out than the handwritten analogue. Doctors can devote time saved to patients. In addition, ambulance doctors also have access to electronic cards. During a call, they can quickly see the entire patient’s medical history, chronic diseases, allergic status and other important indicators that are important to know for emergency medical care.

Another important advantage of electronic cards is that they are always available and cannot be lost. For example, if a person needed medical care in another city, he can provide all the necessary information to the doctor in real time.

During the year, additional sections will be opened in the Unified Electronic Medical Card: issued directions and appointments, prescriptions, ambulance calling cards, vaccination cards for children, information on medical services rendered and their costs, information about the medical examination, filling out a medical history life and family history, "health diaries."

In addition, the portal will provide feedback and Muscovites will be able to share suggestions about what other medical information he wants to see in his electronic map. The most popular wishes will be realized in the future.

EMC starts automatically when the patient first visits the clinic and is one of the main tools for doctors. Access to the patient’s personal account is possible only on the mos.ru portal through a standard or full account. Access to EMC is available to residents over 15 years of age with a Moscow MHI policy. To do this, fill in the passport data, series and number of the mandatory medical insurance policy, mobile phone number, and attach your color photo 

raffia with a passport.

In order to ensure the protection of information when opening an electronic card, two-stage authorization is used, as in all banking systems. Firstly, only authorized users of the mos.ru portal will be able to submit an application for viewing their electronic cards, and only parents with verified information about kinship in a single personal account of mos.ru will be able to access the child’s card. Also, for security reasons, the user uploads his photo with a passport in his hands. Secondly, after checking the data in the application, the password for the initial entry will be sent to the applicant’s mobile phone. At each subsequent authorization, a new one-time password will be generated and sent to the user's mobile phone.

If a resident needs help filling out a request form on the mos.ru portal, or if he does not have the opportunity to use a home computer, he can seek advice from My Documents centers. In any center in the area of ​​electronic services, citizens can go to the portal mos.ru, issue a personal account and use online services, including applying for access to EMC.

More recently, in the Active Citizen project, voting on patients' access to their electronic medical records has completed. 81% of voters supported the possibility of obtaining personal access to EMC. Users replied whether they support the use of an electronic card, which sections of the electronic medical card are the most useful, in their opinion, and whether they support the idea of ​​independently entering data into the EMC.

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