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Additional measles immunization in Moscow

Cleansing (additional) immunization against measles in Moscow

The most important thing
From April 1 to October 1, 2019, a large-scale campaign is held in Moscow to additionally vaccinate citizens against measles. Vaccinations can be given to anyone who has not previously been vaccinated against measles or has not received a full course of vaccination. & Nbsp;
Vaccinations for adults and children are carried out in medical organizations at the place of attachment, as well as in kindergartens and schools.

Why is it important to get measles vaccine?

Measles is an acute viral infectious disease accompanied by fever, general intoxication, rash, damage to the conjunctiva and upper respiratory tract. The human body is extremely sensitive to measles virus: when exposed to sick people who are not vaccinated and have not previously had measles get sick in 100% of cases. & Nbsp;
Distribution. & Nbsp; The source of infection is a sick person who secretes the virus into the environment . Measles virus is spread by airborne droplets. It can spread over considerable distances with air current.
Complications. & Nbsp; The most serious complication of measles is encephalitis, which in 10% of cases causes deaths.
Prevention. & Nbsp; Vaccination is the only effective way to prevent measles. , both among children and among adults. Vaccination creates a reliable, lasting immunity. & Nbsp;
Routine measles immunization is carried out as part of the regional vaccination calendar:
- For children - at the age of 12 months; revaccination - at the age of 6 years.
- Adults who have not been vaccinated and have not been sick before, - under the age of 35 years.
- For people at risk (employees of medical and educational organizations, trade, transport organizations , communal and social spheres, shift workers, employees of state control bodies at checkpoints across the state border) - up to 55 years.

Additional immunization in 2019
Unfortunately, the number of people with measles has been growing recently. The main reason for this is the increase in the number of unvaccinated patients, mainly due to refusals from preventive vaccinations. To reduce the number of cases of measles, it was decided to conduct additional immunization against measles in 2019 (Decree of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation dated 03.03.2019 No. 2 “On the conduct of cleaning immunization against measles in the territory of the Russian Federation”).

What needs to be done in order to protect against measles?
In presently, work has been organized in Moscow to carry out cleaning immunization of the population against measles. The purpose of the vaccination campaign is to vaccinate as soon as possible those who have not been vaccinated before or who have not received the full course of vaccination.
To protect yourself and your children from a dangerous infectious disease, contact your medical institution at the place of attachment. Vaccinations are carried out after a mandatory examination by a doctor. & Nbsp;
The vaccination procedure will take you very little time and will protect against measles.

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