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Events dedicated to World Hemophilia Day and National Donor Day

Information and preventive activities of the Moscow Department of Health dedicated to World Hemophilia Day (April 17) and National Donor Day (April 20, 2019)

Hemophilia is a rare severe hereditary disease and is manifested in poor blood coagulation and its accompanying complications: hemorrhages in the joints, accompanied by prolonged, sometimes unbearable pain, hemorrhages in the internal organs and muscles.

In the world 400,000 people suffer from hemophilia (1 person per 10,000 population).

The World Hemophilia Federation and the World Health Organization have announced April 17th as the annual World Hemophilia Day. World Hemophilia Day is designed to draw public attention to the problems of hemophilia patients and help improve their quality of life. Two generations of young people have already grown in Moscow for whom hemophilia is not a sentence, not fear, pain and horror, but a calm and normal life. They have complete confidence in the future. They get education, work, have families,

The organization of care for patients with hemophilia can be an example of many years of fruitful cooperation between the Moscow Blood Service, the professional community of hematologists and the Moscow regional regional organization of the All-Russian Charity Organization for the Disabled "All-Russian Society of Hemophilia.

Every year on April 20 in Russia there is a significant social holiday - National Donor Day. The holiday is dedicated to donors - people who donate blood for the benefit of the health and life of other people; it is also dedicated to doctors who take blood and organize work in the institutions of the Blood Service.

On April 17, 2019 at 16:00, a solemn event "Share your life, donate blood" will be held in conjunction with the All-Russian Society of Hemophilia at the Moscow City Children's Health Clinical Hospital Department of the Moscow City Health Department. The event is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Moscow Regional Regional Organization of the All-Russian Charitable Non-Governmental Organization of Disabled Persons "All-Russian Society of Hemophilia.

The event will include the awarding of Honorary Donors of Moscow and corporate donor organizations that have made a significant contribution to the treatment of patients with hemophilia.

On April 17, 2019 at 17:00 for the patients with hemophilia will be organized the School of patients "Promising drugs for the treatment of hemophilia. What can we wait for tomorrow? ”In the GBUZ City Clinical Hospital named after S.P. Botkin of the Moscow Department of Health.

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