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Check health in parks: all 46 Healthy Moscow pavilions earned in the city

There you can get specialist advice, undergo medical tests and make an appointment at the clinic.

In the capital, they earned all 46 pavilions "Healthy Moscow", in which citizens can get medical advice and pass medical tests. The pavilions accept patients from 08: 00 to 22: 00 without breaks and weekends.

“The exit format of the health check is interesting for Muscovites. During the operation of the Healthy Moscow pavilions, more than 19 thousand residents of the capital have already passed the summer health test. All examinations take no more than an hour, and you can go through them for free in any pavilion, regardless of which city clinic the patient is attached to. If the visitor is not attached, he will be able to do it right in the Healthy Moscow pavilion, ”said the head of the Moscow Health Department Alexey Khripun.

Check health in parks: all 46 Healthy Moscow pavilions earned in the city

All pavilions have modern equipment. All examination results are immediately entered into the patient’s electronic medical record. They will be available to the doctor and in the clinic. If the patient needs additional examination, then right on the spot he will be able to make an appointment with a narrow-profile specialist in the clinic. By the way, some of them - ophthalmologists, otorhinolaryngologists and allergologists - work in the pavilions (according to a separate schedule). And you can get advice pediatricians.

In addition, on weekends and holidays near the pavilions on a special schedule mobile fluoroscopes work.

Park areas where there are Healthy Moscow pavilions:

- Perovsky Park;

- park at the ponds "Rainbow";

- recreation area "Meshchersky";

- recreation area "Youth Square";

- square named after Poletaev;

- square near the metro station "Lyublino";

- park named after the 850th anniversary of Moscow;

- Park "Pechatniki";

- Sokolniki Park;

- Tagansky park;

- Izmailovsky Park (two pavilions "Healthy Moscow");

- landscape park "Mitino";

- Goncharovsky Park;

- Lianozovsky Park;

- Museum-Reserve "Kolomenskoye";

- square on Olonetsky passage;

- Park of the Northern River Station;

- park on Angarskaya street;

- Khodynskoe Pole Park;

- park of the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution;

- "School" square;

- Gardeners Park;

- Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve;

- square on General Karbyshev boulevard;

- "Otradnoye" square;

- park "Red Guard Ponds";

- a square near the temple of the Life-Giving Trinity;

- Park "Northern Tushino";

- Park "Brateevskaya floodplain";

- Kuzminki Park;

- Festival Park;

- Fili Park;

- Park of the Olympic Village;

- park of the estate of Mikhalkovo;

- South Butovo Park;

- Brateevsky cascade park;


- Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill;

- Lefortovo Park;

- Park "Hope";

- Gorky Park;

- the Museum of Arts "Museon";

- Teply Stan landscape reserve;

- the area near the Palace of Pioneers on the Sparrow Hills;

- Square near Chertanovskaya metro station (opened June 19).

In addition, until June 30 in all centers of public services "My documents " You can measure blood pressure and get medical advice. Specialists are waiting for citizens daily from 08:00 to 20:00.

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