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The procedure for referral to a consultation with a TB specialist

1. The consultation requires the presence of a child with a legal representative.

2. Patients are referred to a TB doctor in accordance with the district principle.

3. Residents of the Moscow region are referred for a consultation with a TB specialist in TB facilities of the Moscow region.

4. Foreign citizens are served for a fee under an agreement with the ISTC BT branch SZAO.

5. In the children's clinic, only children under 3 years old are admitted.

6. Reception is carried out on fixed days on a "live" queue.

7. Documents you need to have at the reception:

- Identification document of the legal representative;
- If the child is accompanied by persons who are not the legal representative, they must have a notarized power of attorney and a passport;
- Child insurance policy;
- Referral to a TB specialist in accordance with Order М3 dated March 21, 2003 N 109 "On improving tuberculosis measures in the Russian Federation".

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