A single phone call the doctor at home and help desk

Hot line
8 (495) 491-35-60

Urgent Care 103

Make an appointment

Recording to doctors is carried out:

Through the Services and Services section on mos.ru

By calling the single center 8 (495) 539-30-00 (around the clock);

Through information rooms or the registry, during the hours of the clinic

Also using mobile apps

Dear parents!

Inquiries for leaving to summer health-improving organizations   (form 079/y), certificates on vaccinations (form 063/y), on contacts for educational institutions - you can order on the website.
      To receive this service you need to fill out the form .
The term for the preparation of documentation is 3 working days.   Inquiries about contacts at the place of residence are issued in the clinic at the place of residence in the presence of the child.

Children's city clinic №94


Head physician: Bukharina Lyubov Nikolaevna, tel. 8 (495) 491-41-46

Address: Moscow, st. Vishnevaya, house 20 building. 2, ( location map )

Unified phone, home doctor call and information: 8 (495) 490-49-49

For attachment / detachment: 8 (499) 740-86-56

Unified dispatch center of the department for 24-hour emergency medical care for children at home: 103

Hotline phone: 8-495-491-35-60
Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Clinic hours:
Working days 8.00 - 20.00
Weekends 9.00 -15.00

Reception of calls before 14:00
Saturday 4th on duty

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Branch №1

Филиал №1

Branch №2

Филиал №2 (ранее ДГП №6)

Branch №3

Филиал №3 ДГП №94 (ранее ДГП №33)